The only way I'm able to keep up with my inbox is the magic of email templates! These are my TEN most used SEMI-CUSTOM templates that get you replying to your emails in less than a minute so you can get back to more of what you love. 


Email Templates

*due to the digital nature of these products, and as an industry standard, all sales are final.

"I bought Amy & Jordan's templates and I think yours are better. I'm about to use the "Email Close #2" on someone right now!"

the reviews are in:

1. Initial Inquiry Response
2. I'm Unavailable
3. Not a Good Fit
4. "Magic Email Close" #1
5. "Magic Email Close" #2
6. Let's Do This!
7. You're officially a CRP Bride!
8. Let's Schedule Your Eng. Session
9. Your Gallery is Ready
10. Vendor Gallery

If you're anything like me --  running a photography business on top of a full time job -- then you know your time is limited!  These semi-custom email templates get me to respond quickly and nurture my current and future clients by assuring them that I'm there when they need me, not responding two or three days later! These templates include my ten most used and universal emails:

CRP Email Templates

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The Secret to Standing Out in a Saturated Market?

It's not about how many followers you have or where you've been featured. The secret is your CLIENT EXPERIENCE. I'm sharing my tricks to creating the ultimate client experience so you can truly stand out in a saturated market!

for photographers

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