The guide to timeline creation! Use it to educate yourself or your couples to build their own.

- 16-page PDF (pgs 4-15 are unbranded and ready to give to your clients!)
- Access to Canva Template to customize to your brand


The Timeline Guide

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"The timeline guide was SO helpful! For both myself and my clients when it comes to wedding days. Easy to understand, navigate and edit. Worth every penny!"

what students are saying:

Understanding different ways to layout a wedding day is a crucial factor in making each specific wedding day work for you and your couple!

1 Educate yourself

My attention to detail is one of my greatest strengths and creating timelines for my brides means they don't have to stress about it and then I also know I will get enough time for all the things! So there is a lot of love in this guide! And it can serve one or two purposes: 

Multi-Purpose Guide

product details

Use this as an educational piece for them to craft their timeline on their own!  Timeline decisions can sometimes be made long before I connect with my bride about her timeline consultation. That's when a guide like this will come in handy!

2 Educate your couples

Use this educational piece as a lead magnet to get potential brides on your email list!

3 Lead Generation

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