8 Tips for Engagement Ring Care

August 16, 2021

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Engagement Ring Care Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Courtney Rudicel

Did you just get a shiny new rock put on it?! Congrats! It’s time to pop the champagne! It’s also time to learn a bit about that beautiful new stone the love of your life just gave you!

1. Clean your ring regularly.

THIS IS HUGE LADIES! You won’t be able to tell how dirty your ring really is until you clean it up. I PROMISE YOU — IT’S DIRTY. The buildup of dirt or oil will block the light interactions in the stone, so there’s no point in having a beautifully cut diamond if it’s going to be dirty! If you’re not cleaning it, then you’re not doing the stone justice because it’s not living up to its potential!

TO CLEAN | It’s easy with a store-bought ring cleaner or even a mug with warm water and gentle dish detergent. Let is soak for 5 min then use a baby toothbrush to scrub off loose particles and pat dry with a lint-free towel! BOOM! Sparkly as the day he got down on one knee! I personally clean mine once every few weeks!

Be sure to get it professionally cleaned up before your engagement session and wedding day for those gorgeous photos!

Coxhall Gardens Engagement South Bend Indianapolis Photographer Courtney Rudicel

2. Know when to leave your ring on and take it off.

Sure, it’s tempting to slip your ring off every time you wash your hands (I did for a long time when I got my ring! Or I’d hold it in my teeth while I did — I know, so stupid) but try and resist the urge! It takes a while to get used to having that beautiful ring and you want to protect it as much as you can, but so many brides end up washing their hands in a restaurant and leaving the ring behind!

Even so, there are other occasions that experts recommend going ringless—like a day at the beach. Swimming can greatly affect your body temperature causing your finger to shrink in size. The rules for when you should and shouldn’t wear your diamond also depend on the type of stones you have. If you have a more delicate ring with micro pavé stones, don’t wear it to play tennis or golf or during rigorous exercise. The stones tend to pop out more easily than others. As for sleeping? Both will agree the decision is strictly a matter of comfort and personal preference. (I’m strictly a non-ring-sleeper!)

3. Buy ring insurance.

Get that rock insured as soon as possible. It is highly recommended to be insured the moment it leaves the store. Most companies—either homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance—will add the ring to their existing policy with a rider that includes a valuation of all the characteristics. The valuation comes from the jeweler and goes above and beyond just the purchase receipt. The rise in insurance is usually very minimal! Some men will buy the ring, leave with it, and not propose for a few months so it’s important that the document goes to the insurance company right away.

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planning Tips For Engagement Ring Care

4. Be cautious when it comes to resizing your ring.

Seasonal changes in temperature, weight fluctuations and traveling can all affect the fit of your ring so keep that in mind before jumping to have yours resized. Experts will recommend being sized in the late afternoon (around 2:30 pm) or after exercising to accommodate for swelling. I personally have gone through a back and forth with my ring and told myself to wait until I’ve gone through ALL INDIANA SEASONS before making a decision. A little side tip if it’s too loose: After the wedding day, soldering your band to it will also help tighten it up a bit!

5. Have your 14k white gold PROFESSIONALLY cleaned

If you have a 14K white gold engagement ring your setting will look a little worn with time and wear but you can make it look brand new again by dropping it off with your jeweler to have it rhodium-plated. Every time you scratch the surface of 14K white gold, it removes the white gold from that scratch. Thus, after some time, it can have a bit of a yellow tone to it. Again, this is an easy fix that your jeweler can assist you with. To my fellow yellow gold wearers, WE GOOD!

Classic black and white lakeside wedding by fort wayne wedding photographer courtney rudicel

6. Regularly check the prongs and the setting.

Keep a close eye—and ear—on your ring. Some jewelers will advise buyers to come in for a “prong check” once a year, which allows the jeweler to examine the ring under magnification and make sure it’s in perfect condition. But if you have a classic setting—such as a solitaire set in platinum—having the ring checked isn’t entirely necessary so long as you keep an eye on it.

Look at the prongs yourself. Are any shorter than the others? Put the ring between two fingers, hold it up to your ear, and shake it a little bit. If you hear anything then you have to get it tightened!

7. Beware of the harsh chemicals

You should ALWAYS remove your ring when cleaning or touching harsh chemicals. Bleach and other cleaning agents can dull the finish of a ring and actually harm porous colored gemstones like emeralds. Harsh chemicals can sometimes be in your kitchen so a ring dish would be handy… which leads me to my next point!

Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, Indiana Engagement Photos Indianapolis indiana wedding photographer Courtney Rudicel

8. Keep ring dishes around the house.

Keep ring dishes throughout your home so that when you do need to take it off, you know exactly where to look. THE MOST IMPORTANT SPOT FOR ME is the kitchen. I have a ring dish on my window sill above the sink and that’s where my ring goes if I’m about to cook a messy meal! (no one wants little chunks of ground beef in their ring!) From the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom, there will be a designated place for your ring should you need to take it off—because let’s face it: one of the keys to taking care of your new engagement ring is making sure not to lose it!

*bonus tip* Don’t get ring envy.

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planning Tips For Engagement Ring Care

Every bride has a different idea as to what her dream engagement ring will look like. Once you have that shiny stone on your finger, don’t start comparing your ring with anyone else’s or even looking around at rings anymore! Delete that Pinterest board with your inspiration Pins and LOVE the one you have. Remember: an engagement ring is a symbol of a couple’s love and devotion, not a sign of status.

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    The priary that you muust consider iss tthe budget. It tells the world that you’re committed on annd
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  2. Mandy says:

    These are such awesome tips Courtney!!! I especially love the bonus tip about ring envy!!! Thank you so much for sharing. These are golden. 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    These are such good tips! It’s so important to take care of your ring and do so well so that you can enjoy it for years to come!

  4. Kate says:

    #6 is super important and often overlooked. I lost my diamond once because of that. These are such great tips for engagement ring care, thank you for sharing.

  5. Chris Cerna says:

    Solid tips that every bride should know! Love your ring shots =)

  6. Sarah says:

    This is such helpful information! I take my ring to the jeweler where I purchased it at least monthly for the check-up and a good cleaning! I just love how it looks when I leave there!

  7. Elle says:

    These are awesome tips & amazing ring shots!!

  8. Maria says:

    These are great tips!! I have to remember to take mine off more often. Usually it is too late…lol Beautiful ring shots as well!

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    Gorgeous ring shoots! So bright and clean!

  10. Hayley says:

    Engagement rings are sooo pretty and definitely worth keeping them clean. Such a great post and photos Courtney! I’m going to go clean my wedding rings now…?

  11. Anna says:

    Love your ring tips! Great advice!


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