How I delivered a wedding gallery in 12 days with a full-time job

March 1, 2020

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Indiana Wedding Photographer Courtney Rudicel

I HATE having a wedding gallery just lingering over my head. I am not one to procrastinate and just let the galleries pile up. I get anxious, feeling like this big rain cloud of work is just hanging over me all the time. The biggest win when it comes to blogging my weddings FIRST THING after the wedding day is that it forces me to GET TO WORK.

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Indiana Wedding Photographer Courtney Rudicel


If you’re anything like me, editing is not your favorite part of this job. Actually, it could possibly be your least favorite part of being a photographer. It takes a lot of motivation for me to sit down and finish editing a full wedding gallery. But guess what? Once I’ve blogged the wedding, I’ve already fully edited 150-200 images all scattered throughout the day so all I have to do is SYNC my edits across the rest of the images and make little touches to make them consistent. The hard part is over with! It is a million times easier to finish that gallery when you have ANCHOR images and you don’t have to start at square one.


I’m not motivated to blog when everyone has moved on with their life and are just waiting for a gallery link, not a blog post. I’m not motivated when people are EXPECTING something from me… I feel motivated when I know they are going to be shocked when I have a visual story of their day ready for them on day two of their honeymoon! Plus I’m motivated by all my social media followers, the couples’ friends and family who will be shocked as well! When I finish editing a wedding gallery, I am showing it off to 2 people. But when I blog the wedding, I am showing it off to social media which makes me feel SO GOOD!

C L I E N T • E X P E R I E N C E

You’re going to have to edit that entire gallery at some point. So why wait 2-3 weeks? Get a jump on it and edit the absolute best images, that tell the story of the day, and get that out to the public and your clients to see! Your client will be absolutely shocked! And honestly, several brides text me that their blog made them cry. Do you see how this is a game-changer for your client experience?

Is it exhausting work right after I’ve just shot a wedding? Yes, it is. But the benefits FAR OUTWEIGH the work it takes. If you’re not blogging your weddings first thing after the wedding day, THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO START! Grab my free guide on my blogging workflow to get you started!!

Free Guide for Photographers Blogging Workflow Courtney Rudicel Photographer Education


The Most Important Marketing Tool of my Photography Business


Three Ways to Enhance Your Client Experience

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Courtney is a Wedding Photographer in Indiana. Her specialty is joyful, timeless and playfully romantic wedding photography for classic and timeless couples and educating photographers on how to build a business that delivers an unforgettable client experience. Within Indiana, she serves Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Lafayette, Bloomington and South Bend. Areas in surrounding states that she serves: Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio; Ann Arbor, Battle Creek and Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is available for destination weddings. Contact her for investment details and reserve your date.

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