Blog Copy Tips for Wedding Photographers

March 8, 2022

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Blog Copy Tips for Wedding Photographers

WHAT DO I EVEN WRITE ABOUT?! I get it. It can feel super daunting to take the time to write something in your blog posts let alone just getting the images edited quickly and laid out on the blog to look nice! (if you struggle with that, head over to this blog post about curating your photos!) But have no fear, I’ve got a few tricks for you to use when you’re writing your next wedding blog!

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Indiana Wedding Photographer Courtney Rudicel

1. Blog on the way home (figuratively)

1. Use voice to text feature to make note of any interesting or unique parts of the day that are worth sharing in their blog post! Here are a few questions that may help you get going!

  • What was the atmosphere when you walked into the bridal suite? Hype? Chill? Drinking memosas? What music was playing?
  • Did you think the groom would cry during the first look? Did it happen?
  • Was there a special moment during the ceremony that was really touching?
  • What song did the bride and groom enter into the reception to? What was their first dance song?

All of these things are great details to add to your couple’s blog and will help your readers follow along for the day.

2. Go for SEO

Talk about the venue, the bridal suite, the theme, colors — Think of all the details that would be keywords a future bride would search for and find your blog post!

Example: “When I arrived at {insert venue name} on this beautiful spring day {or insert seasonal descriptive words}, I was surrounded by {describe the property in a way that future brides would like to know about, lush trees, rolling hills, beautifully landscaped florals, etc}.”

This is a great FIRST paragraph, as you want most of your SEO keywords to be at the beginning so fill the paragraph with tons of descriptive words about the venue! Then feel free to describe other things in detail like the bridal suite, the ceremony location, where the bridesmaids’ dresses were from, the describe the bride’s gown. All these things, when described in detail, hold great SEO power!

3. Worst case scenario, go read other blogs to get started!

A lot of times when I was first starting out, I would read other wedding blog posts to help get my fingers moving on the keyboard. You’re welcome to go through mine and see how I started the blogs! You’ll be surprised how once you start going you get to your 300-word goal.


At the end, write a sweet little note to your couple. Thank them for letting you be part of the day, how much fun you had getting to know them and how you wish them the best in their marriage. Because I guarantee if ANYONE reads what you wrote, it’ll at least be the couple you’re writing about 🙂 (Honestly, that’s who I think read mine and I’m fine with that haha!)

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Courtney is a Wedding Photographer in Indiana. Her specialty is joyful, timeless and playfully romantic wedding photography for classic and timeless couples and educating photographers on how to build a business that delivers an unforgettable client experience. Within Indiana, she serves Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Lafayette, Bloomington and South Bend. Areas in surrounding states that she serves: Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio; Ann Arbor, Battle Creek and Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is available for destination weddings. Contact her for investment details and reserve your date.

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