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December 2, 2020

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Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

Welcome to the RCP Vendor Spotlight Series! I am so excited to connect with local vendors to not only grow my network of friends in the industry but, more importantly, to provide my current and potential brides with the inside scoop! I truly believe in being a means for education when it comes to planning their day because it truly takes a village to put this thing together. And having Bailey and I are on your side, you’re pretty much SET!

Back in April of last year, my sister-in-law got me in touch with Blush Bridal Boutique saying how they may need a photographer for some of their shoots. When I met Bailey, we were instantly friends. We both love the wedding industry so we can basically talk for HOURS about all the styles and trends we love! We are always talking about wedding designs and how we can get our creative itch scratched in the slow months!

Bailey was a part of my wedding day team and I have to say, she single-handedly took away the stress and made my day so smooth and enjoyable. I am soo thankful for her!! She is incredibly organized and knows what she’s doing in this area of wedding planning. She was just who I needed to discuss all the unfinished moving parts of my day and bring it all together. I don’t know how much of a mess my wedding would have been had I not added her to my wedding day team!

So, everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, Bailey Hill, Wedding Planning Extraordinaire!

What inspires you? Where do you go for fresh inspiration?

Bailey: “The pure happiness from the moment the couple is engaged to their wedding day is what inspires me to be apart of the wedding industry. I strive to do the best providing my services as a wedding coordinator to ensure the couple enjoys what is one of many best days of their lives.

“I really enjoy following other businesses in the wedding industry; reading their blogs about what they do. Tips and tricks they have on what makes them unique and what they do for their couples! Instagram and magazines (especially The Knot) are where I like to go look for ideas and read about trends, styles, etc.”

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner
Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner
Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

On the topic of trends, what are your favorites for 2020?

Bailey: “There are so many trends I admire but here are a few favorites of mine: destination weddings with a guest count of 50 or less, trending hues (lots of color variation), and less traditional bridal gowns. Couples are incorporating fun details to show who they truly are and what they love. For example, I have seen where they have used the little tiny tequila bottles as place cards for their guest. It definitely makes planning a wedding way more fun!”

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner
Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

How did you get into wedding planning/coordinating?

Bailey: “Being creative, putting pieces together, and being organized are things I enjoy whether it involves weddings, parties, or decorating my home. My first job in the event business is where I really got into doing wedding coordination. I love the process from start to finish: From designing and creating wedding ceremonies and receptions, guiding my clients in picking out colors, fabrics and styles to setting up all the decor and details that were planned ahead and finally seeing everything come to life! Every wedding is so different and I enjoy doing it all over again each time!”

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

What is your favorite task to plan for a wedding?

Bailey: “My favorite task is setting out the tiny personable details that show who my couple is the day of the wedding (i.e. signs, place cards, lighting candles). I also love getting the bridal party together and lined up to send off for ceremony and introductions to the reception. It’s so fun to see the bridal party so eager and excited to get the party started!”

What are some of your favorite Indiana wedding venues? 

Bailey: “A few of my favorite venues I was fortunate to work at are: The Embassy in Fort Wayne, The White Barn in Decatur, The Courthouse in Fort Wayne,  Fort Wayne Country Club, and Baker Street Train Station in Fort Wayne.”

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner
Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

As couples have more and more access to resources, how do you feel about people planning their own wedding? How do you feel you help with that?

Bailey: “Being a part of the wedding industry, I know there are so many factors that go into planning. If couples choose to plan their own wedding there may be details they miss or didn’t have enough information about such as a venue, rentals, catering, photography, etc. Businesses in the wedding industry do a great job of sharing their experiences with each one of their couples–from posting photos with tips and trends on social media to creating blogs about do’s and don’t’s when picking vendors, styles, and little details in wedding planning! It’s great for couples to have so much access to read and gain more knowledge about planning a wedding, who they want to choose for their venue, caterers, photographers, florists, etc.”

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner
Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

Bailey: “I don’t have a favorite part — the entire day is my favorite. Seeing the details on paper come to life for the ceremony and reception, to when the bride walks down the aisle, the introductions to the reception, first dances till the final dance. It’s so amazing to watch an entire team of vendors come together to make such a beautiful wedding and seeing the couple, family and friends having the time of their lives.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

Bailey: “I really enjoy staying at home all snuggled up on the couch catching up on my shows, reading fun blogs or searching Pinterest getting fun ideas for my home, my job, cooking, etc. Shopping at Target is high on my list of free time too–who doesn’t love Target?!”

Other than weddings, what else are you passionate about?

Bailey: “I am most passionate about decorating. Whether it’s decorating for a wedding, holidays, parties, or even my home, I enjoy picking out colors, different styles and textures of decor items and putting together a look either is trending or completely out of the box. I get excited about the process of decorating from designing a look to picking out items, then putting together seeing the final results. Change is what I love; I change the look of my home all the time! Like moving decor items in different spots in my home.”

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

What’s your best advice for a bride beginning her wedding planning journey?

“ENJOY the entire journey of planning your wedding. Sometimes you may get stressed or overwhelmed with all the decisions you have to make but in the end, you are marrying your soulmate and it will be one of your greatest moments! Not only trust what you decide but trust your vendors knowing what they are doing and will make sure everything is more than perfect for your wedding! I know as a wedding coordinator, I double and triple check everything making sure it’s all perfect for my couple.”

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Wedding Planner

“Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life. I am dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience, to providing support during the final steps of your wedding planning and day of! As a wedding coordinator, I am here to help make sure all the final details are in place and that your wedding day shows the best reflection of who you are as a couple.” – Bailey Hill, Blush Bridal Boutique

Get in touch with Bailey today about how she can make your wedding dreams come true! e:

xo, Court

Thanks for reading!

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